Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spinach Stuffed Chicken

As promised/warned, I'm trying to lighten things up with my cooking, and this was my first attempt.  I found this recipe at Gina's WW Recipes. (you can click there for her recipe and nutrition info)

It seemed to have potential with the mixture of ricotta, feta, spinach, parsley, garlic, and green onions, but mine seemed to be lacking something.  Maybe more garlic, or more salt.  I'm just not sure.

And in the interest of simplicity, if I had it to do over, I would just bake the spinach filling separately and serve it along side the chicken.  It smelled really good while it was baking!

Can we talk about maltitol for a minute?  
I have eaten products that contained this sugar alcohol before, and was aware of their possible side effects.  
So yesterday I bought a bag of cookies which will go unnamed Joseph's to help dampen my cookie craving without so much sugar.  Then proceeded to eat what was a regular serving of cookies according to the package.  
In about 2 hours, I was feeling a lot like this dog.

Like I said, I was aware of the GI disturbances that this product could bring on, but I was floored by the severity of it. And oh my stinking heck, the headache!  I had no idea about that little bonus.  Apparently the headache happens more often if you consume maltitol on an empty stomach.  
Oh well, live and learn. And in this case, I literally tossed my cookies, into the trash!


noble pig said...

Ugh with the cookies. And yeah to the chicken, I would serve it on the side too!

Leslie said...

MAlitol and my husband dont agree either. It gives him horrible stomach pains!

Kim said...

I've had the same reaction with malitol before, not worth it. Sorry to hear your chicken was missing something. It looks pretty all rolled up though!

Grand Pooba said...

I have to steer away from anything sugarless because I too become like that dog!

Joie de vivre said...

I have never heard of this sugar alcohol before. What IS it? Why are you eating it if it causes all of this distress? I hope you feel better today, that is no fun.

I love your new background!

theUngourmet said...

I have never heard of maltitol but I'll be sure to steer clear! Thanks for letting us know. Yikes! I have enough tummy troubles as it is.

Lissaloo said...

That stinks, I am going to be on the lookout for that now so that I can avoid it.
The chicken looks good, it's too bad that it didn't live up to it's appearance and smell.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard of maltitol, will be sure to avoid it. The chicken looks very healthy and yummy with spinach.

Krista said...

I don't think that I've ever tried malitol. Pretty sure that I don't want to now! The chicken sounds yummy and so does the spinach...as a side dish. : )

The Japanese Redneck said...

Thanks for the warning. I'll have to check out her site.

Ingrid said...

As I mentioned in my previous comment my children love spinach so, I'll take your suggestion and use the filling as a side dish. Thanks!

sanjeet said...

It gives him horrible stomach pains!
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