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Friday, November 4, 2011

Seven Sporadic Questions: BrownievilleGirl

I'm very excited to bring you a featured blogger for Seven Sporadic Question from across the pond for the month of November. 

 Eleanor from Ireland is the face behind Brownieville Girl, and I've been watching her blog for quite some time.  I love visiting her site for the delicious food and the warm, inviting atmosphere.  Let's get to know her a little better. 


1.  What inspired you to start blogging?

My new year's resolution for 2010 was to push myself out of my comfort zone.  My two passions were reading and cooking/food - so they were the obvious outlets for my new bravery!!!
My first step was to do a couple of book reviews on local radio - I was so nervous, but got such a buzz from actually taking the risk and not making too big (!) a fool of myself!!!!
The next step was to do something with food - I had been enjoying reading some fantastic food blogs, and decided to take the plunge - I was so nervous, would anyone read it, would anyone like my writing/cooking/photos?  I'm so glad I took the risk.

2.  What's your favorite thing to make for a crowd?

I have a HUGE problem when I'm faced with catering for a crowd - I just can't stop!!!!  I write a list and say "that's it, no more" - but then I sneak on an extra salad or three, and then a dessert or two more!!  Actually the family love this failing of mine - there are always loads and loads of leftovers!!

Beetroot salad and Couscous salad
I love to cook salads and cold meats and fish - and I always have to try out some new ideas.

Three Bean Salad
 Then it comes to desserts and I really go to town!!

Chocolate Roulade

One of my favourite things is to sit with a block of post-its and go through my cookery books deciding what to cook for an event - the best part is that I'm not constrained by my family's likes and dislikes - I can really go to town!!!!

3.  What's your favorite thing to make for just you?

I rarely cook "just for me" - I do so much cooking every day (since my sister's passing, I cook dinner for her children every afternoon and then come home and cook a dinner here) that my idea of the perfect "alone meal" is probably a slice of batch bread with loads of butter!!!

4.  If you could invite 3 famous people (living or dead) to dinner, who would they be?  Any particular reason?

That's easy - I would invite my late sister, my late father, my other sister and my mother (I know that's one person too many but how could I leave one of us out???)  Once we got past all the crying and sadness - we would have a ball, there is one thing I can say about my family and that is that they are great craic, it would be an evening full of laughs and fun.
This time last year I would have said that Dad, Nigella Lawson and George Cooney would be on the list - although I don't know if my father would approve of me flirting with George all night!!  Actually he'd probably be busy flirting with Nigella!!

5.  When you think of your childhood, do any favorite dishes come to mind?

I am very lucky because my mother was a fantastic cook - really adventurous, I remember in particular the time she made stuffed cabbage by deconstructing the vegetable blanching all the leaves, and reconstructing it with a meat stuffing - scrummy stuff, but really hard work!!
Our local green grocer used to dread seeing Mum coming - as she was always ordering vegetable he had never even heard of - it's hard to imagine now that Avocado Pears were considered exotic!!
That all said, my fondest food memories are Sunday Dinners - it was a wonderful family time, we would sit for ages over dinner and chat.  We always had a roast of meat - usually beef and delicious roast potatoes - yummmmmmm!

Roast Beef  and Roasted Potatoes

6.  What do you have in your kitchen that you just couldn't do without? (besides your stove/oven of course)

Oh this one is difficult - every time a buy a new item for the kitchen I tell myself that it is totally essential!!!!
I think that I'd have to say my favourite pots and pans (which are properly non-stick, I've had too many years of useless pans!), or maybe it's my knives, or my Kitchen Aid mixer (makes baking so easy) - I can't make up my mind!!!!!

7.  What's your favorite part of blogging?  Do you think you'll keep doing it for a while?

This is the easiest question of the lot - the best part of blogging is the feedback I get from the people who are kind enough to read my blog.  I'm slightly embarrassed to admit how much I hover waiting to see what comments come in!!!!!
I consider the time I spend writing my blog and visiting other blogs as my "me time" and I can't imagine ever giving it up!

Hope you enjoyed reading more about Eleanor and her delicious food! I know I did,  and I learned a new word..."craic"--"Craic" or "crack" is a term for fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation.  Now I just have to find a way to work it into my conversation :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seven Sporadic Questions: Krista's Kitchen

   A few posts back I made two different recipes that I had found at the same blog, Krista's Kitchen.  So it seemed only fitting that I feature her for June's episode of Seven Sporadic Questions.

When I read Krista's blog, I get the mental image of a super-organized person who loves trying new things, and is very family oriented.  Let's visit with her now!

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I don’t know if it was inspiration so much as efficiency that motivated me to start my blog. Here’s the 
story: In the winter of 2007 we moved from Indiana to Atlanta, GA. Since it was the middle of the school 
year, I didn’t look for a teaching job while we settled into our new home. (Before we moved I taught high 
school Family and Consumer Science or “Home Ec” classes). While we were in Georgia and I wasn’t 
working, I was able to really dedicate some time to one of my passions: cooking! I tried new recipes, 
learned new techniques, perfected my favorite dishes, and invented a few of my own. Also, during this 
time, my youngest daughter was born. I decided to start a family blog to keep all of our relatives and 
friends “back home” updated on the happenings of our little family. After starting our family blog, I 
discovered other blogs. I found Ree Drummond’s blog, “The Pioneer Woman Cooks” by clicking a link 
on one of the blogs I was reading. “How cool!” I thought. “A whole blog dedicated just to what she’s 
cooking. That’s a great idea!”
When we were transferred to Ohio in the summer of 2008 for my husband’s job, I began getting a lot of 
phone calls and emails from friends in Georgia and my friends and family in Indiana requesting recipes 
and advice about meal planning. Looking up recipes and returning calls and emails was taking up a lot of 
time. Not that I minded, but trying to keep up with a 3 year old and crawling baby while unpacking were 
already keeping me pretty busy! Then I remembered the Pioneer Woman’s blog and thought, “Wouldn’t 
that be convenient?” I could put my tips for meal planning and all of my recipes into a blog and then my 
friends and family could access them whenever they wanted. I actually thought that blogging would save 
me time by not needing to look up a few recipes! You bloggers know that this is not the case. At the time, 
I also didn’t realize that there were like, a GAZILLION other food bloggers out there. Nearly a year after 
I began my blog, the movie “Julie and Julia” hit the theatres. By then, people besides my family were 
reading my blog. I got a lot of, “Oh, so you saw the movie and then started a food blog? “ Nope. I was 
clueless. : ) 

2.  What's your favorite thing to make for a crowd?

I always make dessert when I’m having company over. My husband isn’t big on sweets and my oldest 
daughter only likes brownies. If I make a dessert, I’m usually the one that ends up eating the whole thing. 
So I usually try to wait until company is coming to make dessert. I love to bake. You know that theory 
that you’re either a cook or a baker? It doesn’t apply to me. I was a baker first, and then became a cook
later out of necessity- I had to get dinner on the table for my family. Now I enjoy doing both. 
I love to cook for a crowd, so consequently, we entertain whenever I can get people to come over. I
sometimes make my old favorites, but I often test out new recipes on company. I love to make fussy little 
appetizers that both look impressive and taste amazing when we host a party.  However,  my most 
requested summer recipes for a crowd are Bruschetta, as well as Beef On A Stick, Spicy Peanut Chicken

3.  What's your favorite thing to make for just you?

I tend to make seafood or Asian cuisine (or a combination of the two) when it’s just me. Recipes like 
Linguine with Clam Sauce, Coconut Shrimp Soup, and sushi are some of my favorites. Oh, and I love to 
make a Caprese Salad for my very own lunch in the summertime

4.  If you could invite 3 famous people (living or dead) to dinner, who would they be?  Any 
particular reason?

Curtis Stone. When I was in college and during the first few years after I joined “the real world”, I was a 
huge fan of TLC’s “Take Home Chef”. I used to wish that Curtis Stone would pick me up in the 
supermarket and come home with me for an afternoon of cooking! So, I guess I’d start with him. (I may
still have a teensy weensy married woman’s crush on him.) Can you blame me? Have mercy, he is HOT!
Plus, I recently read one of his cookbooks and cooked some of the recipes and they really are fabulous. Of 
course we wouldn’t have to cook or eat. He could just talk to me with that cute Australian accent of his….
I don’t think that I’d pick another famous person. Truthfully, I don’t give a lot of thought to famous 
people. Maybe because I’m so far from their world? I’d rather have dinner with the people I already know 
and love. Since becoming a stay-at-home mom, a girls’ night out is one of my favorite things to do.
Dinner with my 2 sisters and/or a group of my best girlfriends is always just what I need to put me in a 
good mood. Dinner with a famous person would certainly be something to brag about, but I’m pretty sure 
I’d have more fun with “my girls” on any given night. 
Finally, I would love to sit down with my grandma one more time. My dad’s mom lost her battle with 
cancer when I was a freshman in high school. She wasn’t famous, but she certainly was a great lady! I’ve 
always wished that I could sit down with her now that I am an adult and get her perspective on things and 
hear her stories.

5.  When you think of your childhood, do any favorite dishes come to mind?

Many of my childhood memories are centered around my family’s kitchen. Growing up on a farm, 
everything came from our barn or garden and everything was made from scratch! I come from a long line 
of good cooks and I spent hours learning from my mom and my grandmas. I have written about many of 
my childhood favorites on my blog. Some standouts are  fresh green beans, fried mushrooms, ham and 
beans with cornbread, my mom’s lasagna, and desserts like Texas Sheet cake, homemade ice cream, 

6.  What do you have in your kitchen that you just couldn't do without? (besides your stove/oven of 

I absolutely love my Santoku knife. I use it every day. A super sharp knife is a must have! Also, my 
beloved KitchenAid stand mixer, my immersion blender, my Pampered Chef chopper and microplane 
grater, and my wooden spoons and rubber scrapers.

7.  What's your favorite part of blogging?  Do you think you'll keep doing it for a while?

I have always enjoyed writing, so blogging about food is a great way to combine two things that I enjoy. 
While I started blogging so that friends and family could have easy access to my recipes, my blog has also 
become a creative outlet for me. Plus, I like that fact that I have a record of nearly everything I have 
prepared in my kitchen over the last 2 years. If I want to remember what I thought of a recipe or how I 
executed a certain step, I only have to type the name of the recipe into a search bar on my blog and I can 
see all of the details

Writing a food blog also challenges me to keep learning about food and cooking and to keep trying new 
recipes.  The saying “practice makes perfect” holds true.  I have become a better cook, photographer, and 
writer because I exercise those skills almost daily to provide content for my blog. 
I also like blogging for the fact that you put the information out there and then receive feedback. Whether 
it’s a tip, a new recipe, or just a word of encouragement, I enjoy hearing from the people who are reading 
my blog. This brings me to the final reason I enjoy blogging- the friendships that I have made as a result.  
Sure, they are friendships based on reading each other’s blogs and responding with comments, emails,
and facebook messages but the friends I’ve made in the blogging world are not so different from the 
friends that I see in person.  We share parts of our lives with each other, offer support, and genuinely care. 
So, for all of the reasons that I listed above, I do believe that I will keep blogging for some time. I’ve been 
at it for 2 years and 7 months now. While I’m not turning out posts every day like I did in the beginning 
(before I had to balance work and family activities and caring for a new house with a great big lawn), I 
still shoot for 2-3 posts per week.  Some weeks I really have to force myself to get a post up- there never 
seem to be enough hours in my day-but my blog is something that I’m not willing to let go of. 

Well, I don't know about y'all, but after reading that I'm pretty darned hungry! Somebody pass the sushi!

p.s.  I'm not sure why my paragraph lines came out all broken like that...sorry :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Seven Sporadic Questions: Tomatoes On the Vine

I know I haven't done this Sporadic Question thing in quite some time.  I guess I've been a bit lazy.  But I'm back with a late April/early May edition featuring Velva of Tomatoes on the Vine

What can I say I about Velva's blog?  Visiting her site is like a warm and comforting visit home.  I've personally made a few recipes of hers and would love to find myself at her table any time!  Let's visit with her now.

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

 I needed an outlet. I don’t remember the genesis that planted the
seed for wanting my very own food blog. What I do remember is thinking about
it for a long time. I was afraid of the “unknown” specifically; my lack of technical savvy, what I learned was that most of my fears were unfounded. What I did not know, I either learned or asked for help.

2. What is your favorite thing to make for a crowd?

 I am at my happiest not just when I am feeding a few but when I am
feeding a crowd. Big hearty, family style meals are my favorite, served communal style on large platters. Two of my favorites crowd pleasers are Arroz con Pollo (Rice with chicken), or a hearty, meat sauce with pasta.

3. What is your favorite thing to make for you?

 Left to my own devices, I would eat a bowl of cereal in my pajamas.
With that said, my life is hectic, and I do take pleasure in ordering a Grande
Starbucks Caramel Macchiato with a petite scone, and just sitting for a few

4. What 3 famous people (Living or dead), to dinner who would they be? Any
particular reason?

Thomas Keller- In my opinion, one of America’s greatest chefs Owner of
the French Laundry, in Napa Valley and on my bucket list of restaurants to
experience.                                                                                       Hillary Clinton- Like her or not, she is a powerful modern woman, whose
experiences would make for a wonderful evening of discussion of almost any
Bruce Springsteen- Love his music and storytelling. I would go limp.

5. When you think of your childhood, do any favorite dishes come to mind?

 Yes! I was born and raised in Miami. I can’t even begin to describe
the food culture experiences that I have shaped my food style from growing-up in a diverse urban culture.
My favorite childhood dishes were stuffed cabbage rolls, spaghetti and
meatballs, arroz con pollo, and macaroni and cheese.

6. What do you have in your kitchen that you just couldn’t do without? (besides
your stove/oven of course)

 My food processor and vegetable peeler.

7. What’s your favorite part of blogging? Do you think you’ll keep doing it for

Yes. I have been blogging for 2-years and I have enjoyed every
minute of it. I will be the first to admit that blogging is a time commitment, and there are times where I have to remind myself that I own my blog, my blog does not own me.
Blogging has been a way for me to express my passion for food, reducing the
need to bore my friends and family with my potential for endless food chatter
I am so glad that I took the leap. Blogging has opened up a whole new world.
Everyday, I am amazed with the people that I have gotten to know, the creativity and the passion for food that exists in the blogosphere.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seven Sporadic Questions: A Duck In Her Pond

I let December slip by us with no Sporadic Questions.  No fear, I'm all geared up and ready to go with January's featured blogger...The Blond Duck (aka Miranda) of A Duck In Her Pond.

I'm sure most of you already know and love Miranda as the native Texan who weaves stories of whimsy and intrigue, and tempts your taste buds with all things bar-b-que and pie related.   So lets take a few minutes and get to know her better, shall we?

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I'd been reading blogs during my senior year of college and was fascinated by the culture. Being naive, I figured I'd start a blog and write my children's stories and be J. K.Rowling within the year with a million dollar book deal. HA! It wasn't until I found food bloggers that people actually began to visit me! The mom blogs, teacher blogs, writer bloggers....I think they thought I was a bit crazy. I can't imagine why....

2. What's your favorite thing to make for a crowd?

My King Ranch Chicken was a huge hit this Christmas (recipe coming soon...) I hosted my relatives from New Mexico and my parents and sister and they loved it and the tamales. Otherwise, I love to make cinnamon rolls and chicken enchiladas. . If I have a lot of time, I love to make a brisket  or cook hamburgers (aka make Ben do it.) 

Remember, there's no 
diets in the pond. 

3. What's your favorite thing to make for just you?

Fish Tacos.  BBQ chicken tacos, breakfast tacos with broiled cheese, chicken quesadillas 

 fish tacos

Are you sensing a theme?

I also love to make this really easy chicken pot pie with biscuits or I basically just heat up peas and carrots with cream of chicken soup, milk and shredded chicken and lots of thyme, onion powder and garlic powder and eat it with biscuits or rolls for a quick dinner or lunch. It's healthy and comforting without all the fat and time. I'm making my mother in law's chicken pot pie soon....the real version.

And pizza toast. I LOVE pizza toast.

And Waffles. Lots of waffles. 

My latest obsession is whole wheat with honey and peanut butter....though I have an oatmeal based one I will be trying and posting soon...

4. If you could invite 3 famous people (living or dead) to dinner, who would they be? Any particular reason?

Madeline L'Engle, one of my favorite authors; my grandfather, because I miss him; and Ben, because he's my favorite.

5. When you think of your childhood, do any favorite dishes come to mind?

My mom's spaghetti and meatballs, and this fabulous chicken alfredo fettuccine she made. And her chicken fried steak and gravy and fried chicken and creamy rice...oh sweet wounded wuffles.

6. What do you have in your kitchen that you just couldn't do without? (besides your stove/oven of course)

My waffle iron and little grill. The Cuisinart griddler is indispensable.

7. What's your favorite part of blogging? Do you think you'll keep doing it for a while?
All my Invisible Friends, of course! I've been blogging for more than five years now....I can't stop! I have to write and share!

 I had an awesome time reading Miranda's answers, and hope you did too.  Right now, I have GOT to find a waffle! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Seven Sporadic Questions: Lick The Bowl Good

Hope you are all having a wonderful November thus far, and it's filled with all things autumn-y.  No crunchy leaves or bonfires for me, still wearing shorts and flip flops, but am quite thankful for the break in the heat.  

This month's featured blogger for Seven Sporadic Questions is none other than Monica of Lick the Bowl Good. 

 Monica seems like a truly kind soul and her cakes are so beautiful they make me want to cry (in a good way).   So sit back, grab a beverage, and get to know Monica a little more.

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I started blogging because I was going through a very difficult time in my life and I needed a distraction. Sharing my favorite recipes and photos through my blog became a much needed outlet. An added bonus is that I'm met some amazing people and have made lasting friendships over the past 3 years.

2. What's your favorite thing to make for a crowd? 

 Triple layer cake!

I like to bake cakes because it gives me an excuse to try different recipe combinations and I can practice decorating them, all the while feeding the whole family and still having leftovers. Who doesn't love cake?

3. What's your favorite thing to make for just you? 

When it comes to baking, I choose flavors that I like, but I usually aim at pleasing my husband first because if he doesn't like something then I'm left trying to eat it all before it goes bad. However, there is one thing that he doesn't like, that I love and that is rice pudding. I like to make a batch using vanilla beans, arborio rice and heavy cream and eat it right from the pan or the fridge. It's great for breakfast too!

4. If you could invite 3 famous people (living or dead) to dinner, who would they be? Any particular reason? 

I would love to dine with Oprah Winfrey, because I think she's fascinating and could tell some awesome stories. Paula Deen because she cracks me up and she thinks everything she eats is "out of this world" so there would be no complaints about food. And thirdly I'd invite Tom Selleck for eye candy and to keep my husband entertained. ha ha!

5. When you think of your childhood, do any favorite dishes come to mind?

My grandma's beef stew with cornbread crumbled into it. The epitome of comfort. I've never attempted to make beef stew because I know it wouldn't taste like I remember.

6. What do you have in your kitchen that you just couldn't do without? (besides your stove/oven of course) 

I have a few obsessions when it comes to the kitchen. Cake stands and bowls of all sizes are amongst them- I can't seem to get enough! But it's the spoonula from Williams-Sonoma that I use most often. A lot of people are attached to their KitchenAid stand mixers, but I believe in working for your food so I do a lot by hand and the spoonula is a wonderful kitchen tool I couldn't do without.

7. What's your favorite part of blogging?
Do you think you'll keep doing it for a while?

My favorite part of blogging has been all the opportunities and connections with people I've been able to be part of. The blogging community has been incredibly accepting and supportive and I plan to keep blogging and creating as long as I am having fun and feel like I am contributing something.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Seven Sporadic Questions: Brenda's Canadian Kitchen

Happy October good people!
This is the part where a lesser person would whine and complain about continued high temps of over 100, but I'm above all that. Who needs crisp autumn air and blustery winds. Before I depress myself further, let's get on with this month's installment of....

This month we'll be traveling to Canada (where I'm sure the temp's are below 100 and I'm not jealous) to visit with Brenda of Brenda's Canadian Kitchen.

She is one of my newer blogging acquaintances but I never cease to be amazed by the deliciousness she continues to offer up. Let's visit with her now, shall we?

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
Well, whenever I would be looking for a recipe online and I would google that recipe, more often than not I would land on someone's blog. I was so intrigued. It looked like so much fun! Finally I thought, "maybe I can do this." I was a bit intimidated at first as I'm not Internet-savvy so I wasn't sure I could do the whole blog thing. Then once I started I saw how easy it was. I've been baking and cooking since I was in my teens and it just seemed natural to share that with everyone. And fun!  

2. What's your favorite thing to make for a crowd? 
I'd have to say pizza!!! I discovered a new pizza recipe that feeds a crowd, sheet pan pizza. I could make a couple of them, different toppings on each one and I'd be all set. Who doesn't love pizza!?  

3. What's your favorite thing to make for just you? 
This is really boring but I'd have to say grilled cheese and tomato soup. My husband, Joe, often works the night shift so a lot of the time, it's just me for supper so I take the easy way out. A grilled cheese on homemade bread is one of my favourite foods. I should say I make my own tomato soup, but I'm afraid I just open a can of Campbell's.

4. If you could invite 3 famous people (living or dead) to dinner, who would they be?
 Any particular reason?
Princess Di, my maternal grandmother, and Bobby Flay.

I don't admire a lot of people, but I have to say I admired Princess Di. I remember when she died we had been on a road trip and were headed back to Toronto. We were in a motel in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska and I sat on the bed and cried and cried. I felt like I had known her personally. The world lost an incredible person.
My grandmother, Lillian Harper, wasn't famous to anyone but her family but I'm choosing her anyway. It's been almost 20 years since she died but a day doesn't go by where I don't miss her and think of her. She was a wonderful, warm-hearted, "typical" grandmother. She loved to cook and bake and would always make our favourite treats when she knew we were coming to visit. The sweetest, kindest person I ever met.
Last but not least, I would have to say Bobby Flay because the best meal I ever had in a restaurant was at his Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. I had the ancho chili - honey glazed salmon and still think about it all the time. Amazing doesn't even begin to describe it. Joe and I are headed back there in November for my birthday and I've requested Mesa Grill for my birthday dinner. I can't wait!!! 

5. When you think of your childhood, do any favorite dishes come to mind?

My Mom used to make homemade applesauce and to this day it's the best applesauce I have ever had. I've had various other homemade applesauce but nothing has compared to my Mom's. She also used to make wonderful biscuits which we would eat warm, with butter and maple syrup poured on top. And one of my favourite desserts she made was her raisin cake. It's made in a loaf pan and she would frost it with the yummiest vanilla frosting. Which reminds me, I misplaced that recipe and need to get it from her! 

6. What do you have in your kitchen that you just couldn't do without? (besides your stove/oven of course)

  That's easy. My KitchenAid stand mixer would be number one. I've had it for I don't know how many years. Around 20 if not longer. I love that mixer! My second favourite item is my KitchenAid food processor. It's just a small one but I use it all the time as I LOATHE chopping. I use it almost every day. Two honourable mentions would be my Black & Decker bread machine and my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. Not necessary but certainly fun to have!

7. What's your favorite part of blogging? Do you think you'll keep doing it for a while?

Definitely the people. I can't believe the wonderful camaraderie between bloggers. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I've never actually met any of my online friends face to face but I feel like I have and I feel like I've known some of them forever. Incredible. And I definitely plan on doing this................forever! I have no plans to stop. I can't imagine not having my blog now and I've only had it for about 8 months. It's so much fun and I get such joy from it and from the people I associate with because of it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Seven Sporadic Questions: A Blog About Food

Happy September everyone! Hope everyone is having a great month so far.  

I'm tickled to have Teresa from A Blog About Food as this month's feature for Seven Sporadic Questions. 

 I think that's just the perfect blog name, and recently I've been drooling over her homemade ravioli (inspired by her daughter), and her Liege waffles...yum!

On with the questions...

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

After I got married I got really into cooking, particularly for big groups of people. Finally a friend of mine suggested that I start a food blog. I was really hesitant, but eventually thought it would be a fun way to keep some of my favorite recipes catalogued. It took a while to get my blog on it's feet, and it's still a work in progress, but I've come to really enjoy it!

2. What's your favorite thing to make for a crowd? 

I try to keep it fairly simple and something that will please everyone (including kids). These are a few of my faves.

3. What's your favorite thing to make for just you? 

I adore lunchtime. I usually wait until my kids are down for a nap, then I crank my music, crack open a Diet Coke and take my sweet time making lunch, chopping veggies, and preparing ingredients. My favorite lately has been a BLT salad, I really can't get enough of it, especially with blue cheese and avacado. Here's the link! 

4. If you could invite 3 famous people (living or dead) to dinner, who would they be? Any particular reason? 

It probably sounds really cliche, but probably Ina Garten, Paula Deen and Adam Richman (from Man vs. Food).

I love what they cook (and eat), but I also really enjoy their personalities on TV. I feel like we could spend a lot of time laughing, while having great food conversations, my favorite kind! 

5. When you think of your childhood, do any favorite dishes come to mind?

My mom really perfected her craft as a home cook. I grew up on all the comforts of homemade casseroles, pot roasts and soups. Two of my favorites were her Hawaiin Haystacks and her Chicken and Rice casserole ( I still love them today! 

6. What do you have in your kitchen that you just couldn't do without? (besides your stove/oven of course)

I never seem to have enough cutting boards. I swear, by the end of the night every single cutting board is in the dishwasher, if I haven't already hand washed it. That and my garlic press, I'm pretty sure I'd be lost without them!

7. What's your favorite part of blogging? Do you think you'll keep doing it for a while? 

The people! I really feel like I have a fun group of foodie friends all over the world, so many great personalities all with one common interest. I also love how blogging constantly pushes me to try new things. I've made things that even a year ago I never thought I'd be capable of (or like!). Sometimes life makes it hard to maintain my blog as much as I'd like, but I'm going to try to keep it up and running as long as possible!