Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to School Breadsticks

Well, the kiddies are back in school again. We're tyring to get back into a routine. My favorite part of the school routine is me exclaiming everyday when I look in their backpacks "How many trees did they kill to send all this crap home today?!" Seriously. They send a lot of papers home. Daily. I have been known to get tired of looking through it and throwing away things that I wasn't supposed to. Shocking, I know.
Back to school means quick meals, and not much is quicker than spaghetti. And the kids would both rather have spaghetti than just about anything else. But we needed something to go with it that didn't involve me having to go inside a store.
So I cruised around the blog-o-sphere and found the recipe for these breadsticks at Real Mom Kitchen. They looked easy enough so I gave them a go.
I had to make a substitution because I didn't have any powdered milk. Instead I used 1/4 cup regular milk. Which of course made the dough a little wetter, so I just added more flour till if felt right. I also used a combo of regular flour and whole wheat flour. See, they're good for you!
I put mine in a regular cake pan, but it might be better to use a sheet-type pan to get flatter breadstickier shaped breadsticks. I think it might be good to put some garlic salt right in the dough for more flavor through out. Click on the Real Mom Kitchen link above for the whole recipe.
Here's the back to school boy. I really don't know why he's frowning at me like that.
And the back to school girl.


The Blonde Duck said...

The kids here don't go back for two more weeks...poor things! Do they have to wear uniforms?

Donna-FFW said...

Love how those breadsticks look!!

Kids back in school?? Mine dont start till sept 2..

Katherine Aucoin said...

Mine go back to school Monday. Yay! Your children are precious!

The bread sticks look wonderful and what a wonderful treat to celebrate the beginning of a new school year.

Kim said...

My daughter started back to school on Monday. Must be a southern thing!! Love the breadsticks and the spaghetti. I bet it helped the kiddos to have some of their favorite goodies after school!! They are cuties!!

Monica H said...

Your kids look thrilled to go back to school! It's not you, don't take it personally :-)

I don't think the kids go back to school for another 2 weeks but they changed the schedule. usually they start back the second week of August.

Yummy looking breadsticks. I love

valentine said...

there is nothing quite like spaghetti and bread sticks. perfect busy day meal.

Ingrid said...

The breadsticks look good.

Julie THANK GOODNESS! I thought I was the only mom who thought all those papers they sent home a waste. I have twins so I often get EXACTLY the same things twice. Like you I get tired after the first twin and throw the next ones papers straight into the trash. I actually have a singleton too who if Mom's really tired gets hers skimmed and tossed. My kids HATE it. They get so mad at me. They have since learned not to give me it all at one time. They also make certain to point out the important papers.

Thanks you totally made my day! :)

sherri said...

Looks REALLY delicious.

Katy ~ said...

Awwww, your children are adorable! I love those first day back to school pictures. Makes for good memories later on.

Your breadsticks look very very good! I haven't made them yet, but now I am inspired to try these.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Dinner looks great. And it's nice to see your kids in uniforms. That has to make life easier :-)

Leslie said...

agggg.I can not wait until my kids go back to school!! Doesnt that sound awful????

Michelle said...

We had foster care children and HOLY COW they sent home a lot of papers. I agree. And homework???? Why did it take them all day to learn and then have to send more home to keep learning, what we do in an hour or two? Just don't get it.

My oldest daughter used to make us breadsticks. But, LOL, Little Caesars has them beat. Don't tell her. LOL. Well they were good...but you cant beat $5.

Over from SITS.

Small House said...

The bread sticks look so yummy! I struggle making breadsticks. They always have a funny shape, and then end up being a little hard. I should give these a try!
Have a great day.

Eileen said...

Stopping by from SITS. Those look yummy!

Aunt Julie said...

Yummy...I'm gonna try these soon. Thanks so much for sharing. BTW, Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Please vote for me in the Mommy Blogger of the Year Contest...pretty please?

tales from an oc cottage said...

That looks amazing!!!!

m ^..^

Dreamgirl said...

Lucky back to school kids... those breadsticks looked good!

Just dropping by from SITS to wish you Happy Saturday Sharefest!

Monica H said...


Thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate it more than you know.

xoxo, Monica

noble pig said...

These sound yummy and I can't believe school is back in session, that's early!

girlichef said...

Ah, back to school time...mine go back tomorrow...they are less than excited. These breadsticks sound yummy! Love the face (your son)...exactly what I mean by less than excited, LOL!