Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Fun Times

Yesterday my lovely employer hosted a big anniversary bash and invited everyone and their families for a day of fun at a local amusement park. Above is a picture of my kids riding one of the more hair raising rides. Look out kids!
Careful Simon, I think that horse wants to bite you!
I think I see the Loch Ness Monster lurking around in there Mara.
Simon and his friend Luke don't really seem to enjoy the sonic boom emitted by the roller coaster overhead.
It really was a nice day...I'm glad the kids got to go. They've wanted to for ages. I ended up getting horribly sick after it was all over with cause I rode a couple of things people who get motion sick really shouldn't. But it was worth it.
Next post will be about food, really!


Midwest Mommy said...

How fun! Did you company have the park rented out for just employees?

Julie said...

Yeah, we had it from 9 till 1 so that was pretty nice. And free lunch!

Jenn in AZ said...

Hi! I found your site from PW--I randomly click on the hyperlinks every now and then to find new blogs to peruse...and I found yours! The muffins on the upper post look divine. It's weird, but I think I know this dh's company rents it around Christmas time. :) Fun place and contained enough it isn't exhausting.

Nice blog!

Julie said...

Thanks for visiting! You probably do know that park. It's Castles and Coasters by Metro center.