Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wanted: Travel Advice (SoCal)

I know that y'all are a well traveled group of people so why not ask your advice??  And you're all attractive and smell really nice too!

We're planning a trip in a few weeks, to Knott's Berry Farm to be exact.  
So, here's some things we're wondering about.

*Where is a good place to stay?  Think cheap, no frills.  Just mostly clean and not scary.  Free breakfast is a plus too :D

*Do you have any info on harbor tours to see sea lions (or whales)?  There are a million out there to chose from, what's a good one in the Newport or Long Beach area.

*What about beaches that aren't horrendously crowded?  We'll be there during the week (as opposed to the weekend, so maybe that will make it a little better)

*And last, yet most important, where do you just have to eat if you're in that area.  Once again, think on the cheap-ish side.  Like slightly more expensive than Wendy's but not as much as Chez Giveusyourwallet.  

Thanks a million!


Kat said...

I live in LA, so the best place to see sea lions is either the Long Beach Aquarium or LA Zoo (Aquarium is better!!)

Kristen said...

Stopping by from SITS...I grew up near there so I've never done the hotel thing in that area - but we've always had great luck with Hampton Inns. Clean, most newly remodeled, free breakfast, inexpensive (usually between $75-100 a night)

A good site to look at is Get Away Today - they have TONS of ratings for hotels in that general area.

We love Huntington Beach, great pier, easy parking.

And I have to agree that the LBAq is the place to go to see the Sea Lions (they are so cute!)

Have a fun trip!

MaryRC said...

I'm a Laguna Beach fan, its peaceful and beautiful. It just feels safer to me. No pier or attractions, but great places to eat all around, The White House is GREAT and not too pricey near the beach.

From the Kitchen said...

We used to live in La Jolla so I'm very familiar with the San Diego area but, other than Disneyland and a few favorite restaurants (alas they are no longer open), I don't know the L.A. area very well. Hope you have a wonderful trip!


The JR said...

No advice, just best wishes on having a great trip.

Barbara said...

Can't help you, but I bet you get lots of info from other bloggers. Also check online all the travel sites...B & B sites etc. I use Fodors, sometimes TimeOut...or go to the library or a book store and read all you can about the area. That's what we do.

Have a great trip!

Ingrid_3Bs said...

LOL, chezgiveus your wallet...ha-ha! I love your sense of humor. I try to be funny and I just sounds stupid. :(

Julie M. said...

I have only been there once, about 20 years ago for vacation (gosh that makes me sound old, doesn't it) so I'm not much help. Have a great time! I'm a bit jealous I must say.

grace said...

i've been to chez giveusyourwallet. it's totally not worth it, even though the name is awesome. :)

Krista said...

Hi there! I've been away from a while, just catching up on your posts. I stayed in Newport Beach in it's been a while. I'm pretty sure that we stayed at the Newport Beach Hyatt Regency. (kind of a kids yet and we were there to watch our team in the Rose was like a 4 day long tailgate party!). It was nice. Very close to the mall and Balboa Island. We visited both Laguna Beach and LA. LOVED Laguna Beach! Hope you have a wonderful trip. Happy planning!

Joanne said...

I wish I knew anything about SoCal but have a fun trip and make sure to take lots of pictures!

Kim said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I went to LA about 5 years ago with my husband (no kids) and we stayed off Hollywood Blvd, which was actually pretty inexpensive. We were within a block of Hollywood Blvd which was really fun because it was right by all the action, movie theaters, cheap eateries, street vendors, and the Kodak Theatre (very cool mall attached). I think I used to search for hotels. Hollywood Blvd is really cool and should be pretty kid-friendly during the day. We even got to see Sandra Bullock at a movie premiere. I also really like to go to the Santa Monica pier (rides for the kids) and is also right next to Venice Beach (great action, great people watching). LA is one of my favorite places and you are very lucky. It will be a terrific time!!

P.S. My husband uses to find hotels when he travels for work. He swear by it and he does get some great deals.

Let us know how it works out for you!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh man I've always wanted to go there!

I love the Chez Giveusyourwallet, you crack me up!!!

Anonymous said...

You usually can get a good price at some of the hotels around Disneyland. No whales at this time of the year. Beaches: Corona del Mar, Huntington and most other beaches in Orange County. Restaurant: La Palma Chicken Pie Shop on Euclid (either Buena Pk or Anaheim can't remember) The best chicken pot pie, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and pie for one very reasonable price. It was always a hit in the 60's and hasn't changed at all.

Julie said...

Thx, a chicken pie shop sounds right up my alley!